A lead gen landing page is only as good as its form. That’s why your forms need to be great enough to stand alone.

Form-First Design

Day 1
Is a poor form experience killing your conversions? Learn what you should be asking for — and how to ask for it.

Form UX & Friction

Day 2

Saying “we’ll never spam you” is like saying “we’ll never burgle your house while you sleep.” Stop terrifying people and start persuading them!

Stop & Go Words

Day 3
Writing is an art. Writing for conversion is a science. Learn the most conversion-capturing headline formulas and how you can make them your own.

Copy That Converts

Day 4
Your prospect has clicked your CTA button (that hopefully doesn’t say “submit” on it). What happens now? It better be more than just a thank you.

Confirmation Pages

Day 5
Testing is awesome. Testing with no idea why isn’t so awesome. Kick off your next A/B test with these 10 awesome ideas. Awesome!

A/B Testing Ideas

Day 6
Day 7

Free Unbounce Templates

It’s dangerous to go alone! Take these 7 free templates and use what you’ve learned to transform them into funnel-filling masterpieces.

What’s Inside

Course Author

Co-Founder, Unbounce

Oli Gardner

Viewing over 1,000 landing pages a week, Oli is a certified landing page maniac. Or he would be, were such a certification available from a credible academic body. A prolific webinar host and writer, he speaks internationally about Conversion-Centered Design and is on a mission to make marketing a nicer place to play for customers and marketers alike.
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