3 Effortless Hacks That Can Double Your Email Open Rate


If you stumbled upon this blog post you’re probably already aware of the importance of email marketing.

It often plays a huge role in every serious marketing plan.

It’s one of the cogwheels of your business machine.

Emails can be used to drive traffic to specific pages, increase sales and get more people interested in what you have to say.

Now the objective of this blog post is not to show you the best email tools or newsletter tips – you can get brilliant guides anywhere on the internet and for free.

Instead, we decided to write down a few quick solutions – you may call them hacks – that are sure to have a positive impact on your open rate.

Here are three effortless and super simple hacks that you should include in your mailing routine to get a better open and click rate.

None of these require additional software nor copywriting skills or tools (though we recommend using tools for optimal results).

DISCLAIMER: If your email copy sucks, this won’t help you much.

HACK #1 – It’s All About the Timing


Believe it or not, but the WHEN a person on your list gets the email has a massive impact on their willingness to read on.

You should pay attention to your readers’ behavior.

Don’t do your mailing blast early in the morning. Your message will most likely get lost in a sea of newsletters. Or in the afternoon work hours when an average person can’t wait to finish work and go home (or to a bar).

I read this study by Marketing Sherpa. They analyzed about 21 million emails and found that the emails sent in between 8 and 9 a.m., and the ones sent at 3 to 4 p.m. had the best click-through and open rates.

This isn’t a safe bet, but rather a starting point.

Try sending your emails at different times, experiment and see what works.

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HACK #2 – The Power of the Resend Button


Sounds simple and it is!

Just look up who’s opened your email and who hasn’t, wait a day or two and resend. You should keep few things in mind though:

  1. Don’t do it all the time and with every email. You don’t want your subscribers to see you do it all the time, respect them. That means no spamming.
  2. Change the subject line a bit so when you resend your reader doesn’t know he/she is getting the same email.

Effortless Email Hack – Leverage the power of the resend button

HACK #3 – Clean Mailing List = Better Response


A bunch of inactive subscribers will hurt your inbox deliverability.

In other words, it will lower your open rate which is a key factor for measuring of the Engagement Score. Email service providers like Google, Yahoo or Hotmail are looking at it to determine should they put you in the readers’ spam folder.

That being said, you don’t need the dead weight – if someone hasn’t opened your email for 6 months you might want to think about keeping them onboard.

You can segment your list and put them in a separate one, but before you cross someone over, be sure to send them a last-ditch-effort email to re-engage them. It might work and costs you nothing.

It might just work and costs you nothing.

Effortless Email Hack – Clean up your list and get better response rates

Bonus Hack


Did you know that users who add their picture to their signature get 32% more replies to their emails?

Well, now you do.

People like to know there’s an actual human on the other side of the message. A picture can help you gain credibility. Also, make sure it’s adjusted for the audience you’re trying to reach. 

Now go try this simple tricks and be amazed. 😉

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