6 Easy Tips For Getting 250+ Signups For Your Startup In A Week


Ah… the startup world.

So enchanting, yet so ruthless. If you’ve been there (or wish to), you surely know that getting things off the ground can be a Herculean task.

When you’re the new kid on the playground, the hardest part is making the first few friends.

It’s the same with startups.

If you leave out friends and family, your first users will be the most important ones but also the hardest to acquire.

Luckily, that’s not as hard as it was a few years ago.

There are things you can do to get enough initial exposure and get a real chance to get your early adopters without spending a fortune or trying risky marketing manoeuvres.

Next you’ll find a list of 6 tips you should try to easily get the first 250 (or more) signups for your startup in your first week.

1. Influential Tweets

Go and reach out to specific influential Twitter users. Not necessarily the Hollywood celebs or teen idols, but the ones that matter to your targeted audience. Target the ones with over (or around) 100 K followers.

After you’ve picked who you’ll get in touch with offer them some sort of benefit, like your product or monthly service free of charge for a tweet (or tweets) of the signup link.

People always love free stuff or an exclusive snatch – use it!

2. BetaList Submission

Submit your startup to BetaList – an online platform that provides an overview of the upcoming internet startups. The only condition is that you haven’t launched yet. They have their followers who are always looking for new things, so make sure to hit that ‘submit startup now’ button.

It’s absolutely free.

3. Get in Touch With Bloggers

Early press is extremely valuable.

Though it’s hard, and often expensive, to be featured in a huge mainstream media platform, you can always try getting by with the indies – the small bloggers and online magazines (a lot of them are always looking for fresh content ideas or awesome stuff to write about). Get in touch with them the same way you would with tip #1.

SECRET TIP: Before you send an email to their info or contact us inbox, look them up. Take a quick look at their webpage and try to find that specific writer who would love your product or service. Say “hi” in a friendly manner, tell him/her your story and give them your product or monthly service free of charge.

Press coverage is essential, and it shows you’re the real deal!

4. Get Personal

Share it on your personal networks!

This one is actually the easiest one, but it seems like people don’t do it enough. Why don’t you ask your Facebook friends for feedback or shares? When someone looks you up on social media don’t you want them to see what you’re into?

People love to see the human behind the project. There’s no need to act all formal and corporate. Play it simple, be honest and ask.

You’ll be surprised on how much people are actually willing to help.

5. Leverage Those Signups

This tactic is actually super powerful if done right.

Personally message the first 10-15 signups. Explain that this is a bootstrap effort and that you would love their help in promoting. Again, play it simple and honest. Send out a weekly update newsletter using MailChimp or MailerLite.

Just be careful not to spam.

6. Early Bird Exclusives

Easily the most effective tactic for the earliest stage of a startup.

When your product is just about ready to go, give early access to every pre-release subscriber. That kind of a sneak peak builds exclusivity and desire – everyone like to be the first to try something new. This tactic is a tested way to increase the conversion rate.

By playing on the feeling of scarcity/exclusivity you can attract the first users. Make them feel special.


If you were in the position where you need your first signups back in 2010, you would probably bang your head against the wall or get caught in a vicious spamming downward spiral. But today it’s easier than ever before.

This are just the 6 easiest tips to try. There are plenty of other tactics out there.

Now go get those signups and get your startup off the ground. Then, when you grow a bit, you might even get a deal featured on Future Marketing. 😉

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